Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Surprise Visit from Elizabeth and Jaden

Lest anyone ELSE think we are expecting (which we're NOT!), let me clarify that the surprise was a visit from my sister, Elizabeth, and her baby girl Jaden. I knew they were coming and Jenny & I picked them up from the airport on Monday night.

On Tuesday we drove up to Sequim and I called my mom and asked her if she'd like to come meet us for lunch at Applebees. We (Elizabeth, Jaden, Sarah, Rachel, and I) arrived before Mom and were seated at a booth near the door. When Mom walked in, she saw Sarah and me right away and walked over to our booth. She looked at Elizabeth as if to greet a friend that I had brought with me to lunch, and then did a double take when she realized it was Elizabeth!

After lunch we drove back to the Inn to surprise Dad and Benjamin (who had been staying with my parents for a few days). Dad walked out the back door of the Inn with Benjamin in his arms. He saw Elizabeth from behind and had the same thoughts as Mom had..."Who had I brought with me?" Then Elizabeth turned around and Dad did a double take once he realized it was her!

It was so fun to surprise my parents! Elizabeth and Jaden get to stay for about a month and we're looking forward to doing many fun things together. This is the first time we've seen Jaden, so there's lots of cuddling going on too! It's fun to watch my children with baby Jaden. They are all interested in entertaining her and making her giggle. Rachel even gets in on the action. It's so cute to watch them stare at each other from the highchairs!


Mom said...

I think Dad and I are still in shock, but what a special time we had together last evening with all of you! We look forward to spending more time together in the coming weeks.

Jenny said...

How great that you were able to surprise them! What a special memory this will be. I hope the time you get to share with your sister will be very special and filled with blessings!

Anonymous said...

I am such an airhead!! I just now realized that I had to click on the new "sight" from your old one to get here!! I can't believe I am even confessing this!!!!! It was nice meeting your sister last night!

~Emily H.