Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our 1st Grader

Sarah is over 1/3 of the way finished with 1st grade! We just finished up Science this week (it's a one-semester program) and will begin Social Studies after the holidays. We are using the BJU Press DVDs (rather than me teaching her from the teacher's manual) this year for a couple of reasons:

1) She has the advantage of more visuals and activities than I could do.
2) It saves me some prep time.

I still teach her from the teacher's manuals for specific lessons and do extra activities from time to time, but it's great to have the ability to keep up with school this way as well.

We homeschooled her last year in K5 with BJU Press materials (not using the DVDs) and she scored in the 90th percentile. We are extremely grateful that the Lord has allowed us the opportunity to homeschool. It is so exciting to be able to be the one who teaches your child to read, to do story problems, to read a thermometer, and to spell those tough words! Sarah has a love for learning, which spurs her on to want to learn as much as she can. She looks forward to doing the lessons each day which I pray never changes.


Grandma Abbott said...

How grown up she looks! It doesn't seem like that many years ago that we were homeschooling Sarah's mother. Where has the time gone?

Goetsch Family, Jr. said...

I LOVE the organization! Thanks for doing a great job and being the right example for other homeschooling moms to follow.

Tim and Cindy said...

Wow, she is growing up so fast! What a little lady.