Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Mom, Elizabeth, Jaden, Sarah, and I went shopping on Saturday to finish up our Christmas shopping before the malls get crazy with traffic closer to Christmas. We hit a great sale at Kohl's (and additional 25% and then an additional 15% off all of their clearance items) and also got some things at Toys R Us and Ross. We had bags in every nook and cranny of the car!


Dan, Elizabeth & Jaden Duan said...

I like the second picture because you can't tell if I am skinny or fat! :)

F.G., Mel, & Stephen said...

What fun to be together as "just the girls"! :-)

Love the new blog -- especially the title! What a hoot! I like the list of things you're thankful for too.

And hey, we're reading one of the same books -- Love & Respect. Very helpful book for us.

Sounds like you're doing well. Tell Liz I said hey and not to worry about the picture showing if "she's skinny or fat". I think motherhood adds a new beautiful glow to her! Jaden is just adorable.

Love you all!

Jenny said...

Hey, you won't believe this... I got Isaiah that same "Jungle Treehouse Set" for Christmas a few years ago! He loved it! He loves animals.

Anonymous said...

Your sister is a very beautiful woman! (It must run in the family!!!) I am looking forward to getting started with my shopping!!

~Emily H.