Monday, January 16, 2012

Which Wrap?

So, with baby due in only 10 more weeks (wow! seriously?), a baby wrap is on my list of things I'd like to have. However, there are so many choices out there! What are your suggestions?

Moby Wrap

Sleepy Wrap

Dr. Sears Sling

FreeHand Mei Tai Carrier

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Trip to the Spit

Cindy and I took the kids to the Spit one day while they were visiting. It was a beautiful day (but cold!) and we enjoyed being outside. The cousins got along so incredibly well and had a great time together this week!!

Here's our two oldest waving to Nana and Papa over in Guam!

Cousins loving being together!

Now for the silly faces!

On the trek home:

Benjamin loved hiding off of the path and trying to scare everybody. Can you spot him in this picture?

Sarah wanted to take this picture. She thought it was fascinating that the Spit grows in length by 13 feet each year!

Hike With Uncle Tim

My brother, Tim, and his family, were here visiting this week and we had a wonderful time. Garth had to still work much of the week, so Tim took Benjamin on a hike and was determined to wear him out for me. They hiked to this cave on the beach that Tim knew about from when he lived here several years ago. Benjamin had such a great time and came home with his pockets loaded up with "treasures" (seashells, rocks, etc.). He told me he was sure he'd come with about $4000 worth of gems (uh, yeah, buddy...). So glad that he and Tim had this time together!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Power of the Cross Quartet

We are celebrating Christmas this weekend with my parents. At their church this morning, we sang "The Power of the Cross" in a quartet (Tim, Cindy, Garth, and Becky). Here's a video for those who want to see it!

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

P.S. Sarah recorded it for us and she was also trying to keep Ruth still, so that's why the video is a little wobbly. :)