Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chin Up, My Girl!

Garth has the camera in Buffalo this week, so I can't capture much with just my cell phone. But here's a picture of our baby girl who will be 2 weeks old tomorrow.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tic Tacs are not for Snorting

Well, I am grateful and somewhat surprised that we are a week past the birth of our fourth child and I am just now writing my first post like this. Our middle two children (Benjamin is 5 and Rachel is 2) were riding quietly in the third row of our vehicle on the way home from the grocery store today, sharing some orange Tic Tacs our eldest had given Benjamin. Everything seemed to be going along swimmingly until we got home and unbuckled. I looked back, and in the shade of the car, it looked like Rachel had a bloody nose, but upon closer inspection, I realized the flow of liquid was orange.

Knowing my children, I immediately recognized what had happened, tilted her head back and was greeted by the sight of a bright orange capsule lodged about an inch or so into her sinus cavity. Through the next twenty minutes, I fought with the little booger (no pun intended), and it seemed like every time I got it down far enough to tweeze, she would cry and sniff it right back up. Thankfully, I had the peace of mind to realize that, even if I couldn’t get it out immediately, it would eventually dissolve, so I would just have her periodically blow her nose.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Week Old

Ruth is one week old! She is so very content and for the past 3 nights, we have enjoyed her 6 hours of sleep stretches during the night. The other kiddos love and adore her. To Rachel it is a reward to hold Ruth (aka, "her baby"). We just can't seem to get enough cuddling time in with our sweet baby girl. At Ruth's doctor visit today, we discovered that she is back up to her birth weight of 8 pounds, 11 ounces which makes me feel like I'm doing my job as her sole food source. She is also measuring an inch and a half longer than at the hospital!

Here is a picture of my "due date buddy". We were both due on April 18th, but yet our babies were born 20 days apart! Cindee found matching outfits for our babies. Here they are on Ruth's first Sunday:

Hannah S. made a beautiful little watermelon hat that fits Ruth perfectly. She wears it all the time!

Here's a picture of our sweet little angel (at least she seems like that for now!):