Friday, November 21, 2008

A Girl's Day Out

Recently we gave Claire's some business as Jaden, Sarah, and I got our ears pierced. Sarah was very excited at the whole idea until she got up in the chair and realized what she had committed to.

Rachel was curious as to what all of the commotion was about and why she had to stay buckled in her stroller.

Sarah was so brave and didn't cry one bit. The Claire's associates did both of her ears at once (by her choice) so that it would only hurt one time. Sarah chose which earrings she wanted to start with (gold balls). You can see my new earrings as well in this picture.

She loved the final result!


Anonymous said...

Such a brave girl! Naomi was a bit too scared (at 14) to get hers done! Lol! Maybe later! ;-)


Tom and April said...

How great I bet she is taking care of those ears. I remember thinking I would take care of mine and how grown up I felt when I got mine done. Sorry I forgot to put your new site in my blog list and still have the old one so I have missed some posts. I will change that right now!