Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Three Hills Gazoo

While in Three Hills, we visited the world famous Gazoo! :) I've never seen a place where the kids could touch and feed so many animals. They were able to ride donkeys and horses, pet and feed goats, pick up bunnies and kittens, pet the HUGE pigs, and all sorts of other things. They also have bigger animals like lions, tigers, and camels that you can walk around and look at through the cages. It was definitely a lot of fun and something we'd love to do again. The last picture is of the Gazoo's most dangerous careful of them if you ever visit!


Faith for Hope said...

So true.... that last cage was full of some that everyone should be a little wary. LOL Looks like you all had a great time.... my kids always loved the petting zoos. ~Grace

Guam Homshers said...

Looks like a fun family trip! And LOVE the last picture! :-) ~mel