Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family Camp 2011

We had a great group at Family Camp this year. It was definitely a lot of fun and something we plan on each year. Here's our traditional group picture on the last morning at camp.

This isn't our cabin, but just wanted to show a typical cabin. Most of the cabins have bathrooms and then they each have bunk beds for everyone. They are rugged, but actually not too bad as far as comfort...much better than a tent!!

This picture was taken while we were waiting at the High Ropes Course. Rachel and Abigail climbed up into Mrs. Mandery's walker and were pretending to be her. I have no idea why Rachel is making the face she is, but they were having a blast!

Here is Sarah on the rope ladder at the High Ropes Course. This is as far as she made it, but I'm proud of her for getting that far. It is no easy task!!

Here's Pastor, preaching and teaching the WORD!

The beautiful scenery we enjoy at camp. I haven't seen it rain here yet! Next year I really want to hike some of these mountains. I was planning on it this year, but was so sick with the pregnancy that it just wasn't a good idea.

One of the ladies at church brings her bike carrier every year just to give the little ones rides in it. Rachel and Ruth had a great time being biked around in their "ride"!

Taking notes and studying the Bible while Pastor is preaching:


Anonymous said...

OH! I see ME! I never see myself in other pictures that people take! I always am just out of reach of the picture to where I can point my self out though ;) I was so sick too with a cold this year. In the picture I had just taken some Nyquil...bad idea and I was freezing.


Faith for Hope said...

So glad you all came this year.... glad that Rachel did better with the bugs...ahem... this year. LOL Pray you're feeling better soon! ~ Grace