Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Canadian Cookout

While staying with Uncle Erv & Auntie Sandra, we had a fun cookout/BBQ in their backyard. We grilled hot dogs and made S'mores. They hadn't had S'mores (at least in a really long time), so this was a really fun thing to do! Micah's friends were there, too (Ben & Arthur). Ben's girlfriend had never cooked a hot dog over a fire and it was fun to watch her have this experience.

Here's Ruth sitting beside Uncle Erv, enjoying every bite.

Benjamin was instant buddies with Micah. He was Micah's little shadow all week. In this picture, Sarah had colored on Benjamin's face with face paint (and this was the remnants).

Evonne enjoying her fire-roasted hot dog!

The two Bens!

S'mores getting a thumbs up from Micah.

Uncle Erv's S'more was finger-licking good!

Micah taught Benjamin how to play hockey while we were in Canada. Benjamin learned quickly and Micah said he has a lot of natural talent. He has his own stick (thanks to Micah!), so he's been practicing on the street with the neighborhood kids since we've been home.

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Amanda said...

Benjamin looks so big!