Monday, September 12, 2011

Garth's Company Picnic

Each year, Garth's company puts on a picnic for the employees and their families. They go all out and had literally thought of, entertainment, sunscreen, activities for all those young and old, etc.

Here is our little bug, trying out a kazoo. She was quite good at it!

A human carwash...great for cooling off little kids!

The biggest Radio Flyer wagon I've EVER seen. This was full of ice and soda for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

All the kids practicing for a hula hoop competition. The winner had 4 of them going simultaneously for quite a while!

The infamous Broom Ball tournament before the start of the other activities. A group of interns won this year!

Sarah conquered the rock wall!!

We sat and soaked in some sun while watching a magic show on the entertainment stage. This guy was quite good!!

Garth and his tall friend...ok, just kidding. :)


Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun!

Amanda said...
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