Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas With Friends

During our freak snowstorm, we were snowed in at the Savages' home, hoping to be able to make it to the Christmas Cantata (which ended up being canceled). We all had a great time watching the children playing, playing board games, and laughing like good friends do. While there, we celebrated Christmas with them. Typically we just buy gifts for family but this year we exchanged gifts with these special friends.

Josiah bought Sarah a gift with his own money. He bought her a princess set because the kids love to play that they're rescuing the princess from a tall tower or from pirates, etc. Sarah loved the gift! Of course, she also thought she should make Mommy a princess as well.

Jenny made Rachel a beautiful new jumper and plans to make a matching one for Keturah. It is so cute and long! I'm sure she will wear it a lot.

The Savages are such wonderful friends and we learn a lot from them. I just wanted to share them with the regular readers of my blog!


Misty said...

Wow...really miss you guys! We have been crazy busy around these parts! We have some stuff to send the kids...but i didn't get it out in time....Can't wait to get out that way! Happy New Year!

I am truly blessed said...

How fun for you guys to be snowed in with friends!!! I love the pic of you wearing the crown. This year, we let the boys go to the dollar store and pick out gifts for eachother and everyone that was going to be at our house (we did not help them in chosing at all...they did it all on their own. Each of the boys bought me a crown and jewlery set. I wore them all day on Christmas. Glad you has a good time.

Jenny said...

Oh, we had such a wonderful time with you guys!! What a blessing that was. We love to celebrate Christmas with another family from time to time and it was so sweet with you all. Your "game night" gift to us was so creative!! I hope to post about it sometime soon... I have taken so many photos over Christmas... so much to blog about. :):) Love you guys!