Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Buried Under a Mountain of Snow

The Northwest was hit by an unusual snowstorm this past week. It postponed our Christmas cantata at church and shut down much of the area. We stayed with some friends over the weekend so that we were closer to church for the Cantata, but then ended up getting some extra rest and enjoying some board games and coffee instead. Hopefully the Cantata will be able to happen this Wednesday, but there is more snow in the forecast. Please pray that the precipitation will come in the form of rain until the Cantata is over!

When we moved out here, we thought for sure the volume of snowfall that we had experienced in Buffalo was over...but I guess instead that we brought it with us. If you want to see some pictures of our snow in Buffalo, check out the "Another Snow Storm" post over here on my other blog.

I have some great pictures to post soon of some of our snowy activities. We are sure enjoying it!


Tom and April said...

I love the snow especially at CHristmas time it has been wonderful. And what better way to get closer to friends than to get snowed or iced in with them!!

Jenny said...

Yes, it was so much fun having you all over! It was such a fun adventure... sad when it ended. That was a Sunday morning I will not soon forget. I praise God we were able to get to church safely. Next time maybe we'll get snowed in at your house!

Jenny said...

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