Thursday, September 3, 2009

Results of Today's Ultrasound

Well, the big news is that we are expecting ONE baby in April. The second gestational sac is absorbing back into my uterus. It is so awesome to me to think that the little one that I miscarried was welcomed into heaven by three brothers or sisters! It will be neat to tell our baby that he or she was a twin. We are so thankful to the Lord that we have one baby still in the womb and are looking forward to April when we will meet this little one. My heart is overflowing with the joy of God's goodness!


Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear that everything is fine. Looking forward to meeting the 4th Henson baby! :)

Janet said...

We're looking forward to meeting this little one too, as well as all the siblings that are already in heaven! So thankful for the good news on this little life.

Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

YAY..!!! Congrats!!!

I love your attitude and heart about the whole situation!!! You are SO encouraging!!!

I can not wait to meet your little one soon! We will be praying for your little one!!!

My mom thought with me, that she misscarried because she passed A LOT of stuff...but then they found out that there was still a little baby in there... =) (i think this happened with me...i know there was something "interesting" with all the pregnancies she has had)! Christopher also has a twin too that is up in heaven!!

congrats again! Love you all!!

cj and family said...

Praising the Lord with you! So thankful for the little one you're still carrying! And just think what a joyous family reunion it will be in Heaven! :o)

Jerid, Michelle, Makenna and Michael said...

Praise the Lord! He is a caring God and Father. His love is so immense that it makes our love look like hate. I will continue to pray for you and your little one.

Anonymous said...

God is good!!! and it will be so wonderful to meet those little blessings one day when you get to is Amazing that God loves those little ones enough to protect them and take them home to be with Him in paradise.praise the Lord for that little one that you have the responsability to teach the Word of God to one day.may that little one be used for the honor and glory of God!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are sad for the miscarriage of your one twin; We are thanking God for the good report on the baby still growing in your womb; we are praying for the safety of this precious baby.
Love to all of you,
The Olsen Family

Misty said...

So glad to hear this news! Just think, God has one awesome day care with our babies in Heaven! I just know they are friends just like Sarah and Aaron! Many blessings!!