Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Bed for the "Baby"

My baby girl is getting so big and really isn't much of a baby at all anymore. She communicates really well (though not always through spoken words) and is showing more independence every day. A couple of weeks ago, we moved her into her toddler bed. She was very excited about "big bed" (as she called it). She waits in her bed each morning, calling Mommy or Daddy or Sarah. Then when someone tells her she can get up, she climbs right out and is on her way with blankets in tow.


Tom and April said...

That is how Faith was. She was so easy to transition. It is nice. I love the pic she looks so excited for her big bed. What fun!

Anonymous said...

I have pictures of Naomi in her first "big girl" bed! It is quite a step toward being a "big" kid!! I cringe when I think of putting Abby into a big kid bed! Oh the thought of this toddler being "free" from her cage!! Horror of horrors! Lol! But soon she will not be the baby anymore and we will need the crib for the real baby!