Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to the Game Farm

Today we celebrated the warm summer weather with our first trip to the Game Farm. Lots of you have told us how fun it was...and we totally agree! One big difference between the west and east coast trips we've taken to game farms/animal safaris is that here you can actually feed the animals! That is super fun, trying to get them close to your car without actually letting them IN your car. We enjoyed feeding the animals a loaf of bread (available for purchase at the gate). The bears would stand up on their hind legs or wave "hi" for pieces of bread. Rachel started shouting "Up, Up!" at the bears because she thought their tricks were so funny. We went through the farm twice. As we were headed out of the last area for the last time, a big ol' buffalo stood right in the middle of the road and started charging our car! I'm sure it could have harmed the car if it had wanted to, but I was thankful that a little swerve around the huge animal was all it took to be on our way. It was definitely a fun ending to a great afternoon.

Note: Sorry about the poorer quality images...I'm using the "old" camera since Garth has the D90 in Buffalo.


Amanda said...

Oh Becky this is one of my favorite places!!! We absolutely love the game farm!! Have you read the book about it? It is sooo good! We usually take the kids about 4 times a year. ( Well really Tom takes me)

joeandkris513 said...

That sounds like so much fun! And the pictures are great!

Guam Homshers said...

Wow, what fun! Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

Praying for you while Garth is away!

Tim and Cindy said...

Looks like a neat place! We never made it there when we lived there. Maybe we'll go on our next visit. I'm sure Kayla would love it. You've seen more brown bear than we have, and we live in Alaska. I guess that's a good thing because ours aren't behind fences. =)