Monday, March 2, 2009

Consider Vonage

Are you happy with your phone service? We had Qwest phone service when we first moved here, but after several months of the phone line being unclear (and not finding a decent solution), we made the switch to Vonage. We have had this service for about 2 months now and LOVE IT! We have no complaints whatsoever. You can get your voicemails sent to your email as well as accessing them via your phone. This makes it so simple to get voicemails when out of town without having to consciously think about calling your phone to check the messages.

If you are considering switching to Vonage, we'd love to refer you! Each new customer that we refer will receive 2 free months of service. We'll also receive 2 months of free service for each friend that we refer. If you are thinking of switching to Vonage, let us know and we'll send you the information you'll need.

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One Happy Family said...

Hey Becky, I tried to leave a comment on the will post but my screen geeked out.
Anyhow - could you send us the template on that? Are you sure it is legally binding? I thought you had to have software, or see an attorney for it to be legally solid in court. Let me know. I am curious as to how your Dad has been successful and what led him to it. Is he an attorney. This has been a burden for us to accomplish - just something we have neglected to do and put off for far too long. I appreciate your willingness to share the info.
BTW - I also had a great time in fellowshipping with you in the nursery last night. Thank you for your sweet spirit.