Friday, February 27, 2009

Do You Have a Will?

Do you have a will? Do you realize the importance of having a will? If you have children, having a will is so important. A will is a legally binding document that allows you to say who will receive your property (and more importantly, your children) when you die. It is not a lengthy process. All it requires is filling out the document and having it notarized. Then be sure to file it in a safe place (such as a safety deposit box). I suggest having two copies notarized, one to keep in your home and one to keep outside of your home (in case of fire, theft, etc).

My dad has created wills for many people in the past and is up on the legal specifications. If you do not have a will, I'd be happy to send you the template that we used when creating ours. Just leave a comment to this blog post or email directly at becky [dot] henson at gmail [dot] com. (I wrote my email address this way to reduce spam, by the way.)


Silverdale said...

Yes, as we talked before, I am interested! I bet everyone is, as I'm sure many don't realize the importance of this document. I'm glad you are bringing it up again.

Jenny said...

Okay, SILVERDALE is actually JENNY. So sorry, Dan's account from work was logged in. :S

The Two of Us said...

Hook us up!

We know we need to do ours when Jonathan is finalized and officially ours. Actually, we've known we needed to do it for a long time, but that will probably be the thing that finally kicks us in the pants to get it done.

Amanda said...

Hey Becky,
I would be very interested.Thank you!

Josh and Cindee said...

Josh and I talk about this all the time! Who will our children go to? I'd be greatful if you could send us the information also. Thanks!