Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're Headed To The East Coast!

Two travel vouchers + Two cheap tickets = Trip to the East Coast!

We are headed to the east coast for two weeks to visit family and friends. We are so excited!! We'll be in New Jersey From April 7-14 and then in Charlotte and Greenville from April 14 - 21. We'd love to catch up with friends for coffee or for a meal while we're in town, so feel free to email us. ;-)

Also, we're looking for someone to house sit (and care for our two pets) while we're away. So if anybody on the west coast wants to help us out, let me know!

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joeandkris513 said...

Yea!!! We're so excited you're really coming. I was confused last night when I read your status about Greenville and thought we weren't going to get to see you after all, but now I've got it figured out!
Let me know in advance if there is anything in particular you can think of that you need or want to do while you are here. I'll be in touch.