Saturday, February 7, 2009

Uplifting Others In Prayer

Please be in prayer for the Uwarow family. Bette (Jennifer's mother-in-law) was one of my coworkers when we lived in South Carolina. Jennifer Uwarow is very sick with breast cancer (for the second time). Below is the latest post from her husband, Pete, concerning Jennifer's condition.

The liver doctor's opinion is that 95% of Jennifer's liver is not functioning. The oncologist said that she has at the very most two weeks to live. She will continue to want to sleep more and more and then eventually will fall into a coma for about 72 hours, not experiencing pain Jennifer will meet Jesus. She'll be at the hospital for at least the weekend.

Please join the family in praising God for His mercy toward Jennifer, since being in the hospital this week she hasn't experienced any itching (which she told us a number of times was actually worse to live with than cancer and cancer treatment) and from what all of us can tell hasn't been in too much pain.



Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this very young couple. We will keep them in our prayers, for God's sustaining grace in this time. The sorrow will be intense, the grieving very real, but for her, the sweet joy that will be when she awakens to see Jesus' face before her.


Josh and Cindee said... she saved? I have and will continue praying for this dear family. Keep us posted.

Garth and Becky said...

Yes, she is saved. She and Peter were married about 4 years ago and they don't have any children. They live in California.