Monday, April 16, 2012

Esther's Dedication

Esther was dedicated to the Lord on Easter Sunday at Westside. As most of you know, this is really more of a dedication of us as parents and a time of commitment to the Lord to raise our children Biblically. Here are a couple of pictures of this special time.


The Potvin Crew said...

We were so glad to see you all at church.... along with Emilee! Sure wish that you all could have stayed for dinner, but we understood that you needed your rest. Esther is such a sweetie! Praying for you all. See you on Wed. pm for Bible study. Hugs, Grace

The Two of Us said...

Love it!

Emily's Posts said...

Praise the Lord for your endeavor to raise up godly seed for the kingdom!! Esther is a true blessing and we are so thrilled we were a part of your dedication! We love you and hope you are recovering well!