Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Visit to the Farm

This farm is where Grandpa & Grandma lived all their life. My uncle and some of his family now farm the land and run everything, in addition to running their crop spraying business. I have many wonderful memories of playing here with my cousins, "working" with Grandpa, feeding the chickens, playing with the animals, and gathering with family.

Here's the combines that make harvest an easier task!

Some of the old buildings on the farm:

Rachel and her cousin: instant friends!

Pictures with Grandma!

Benjamin and his cousin: also instant friends!

Trevor and Rebecca...father and daughter. Trevor is my cousin.

Trevor's son, James, was sound asleep on Auntie Cheryl's shoulder while she was buzzing around the house!


Emily's Posts said...

Great pics! What a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing!

Joe Henson said...

Wish we could have gone with you guys to the far 8-).