Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rachel's Ear Surgery: Round 2

This morning Rachel had surgery on her ears to put in heavy duty tubes and to remove her adenoids. She had surgery back in May to put tubes in, but they fell out after only about 3 months. She has, therefore, struggled with her speech and hearing again for the last couple of months. We are hoping that these better tubes, along with having her adenoids gone, will help her hear better and to speak more clearly.

Since her consultation with the ENT two weeks ago, she has been very excited about having her ears fixed. She's been counting down the days and telling everyone about it! She chose strawberry-flavored gas to go to sleep with and walked straight back to the operating room with the nurse. The nurses and doctors all said that they wished ALL kids were this excited about having their ears fixed!

When she woke up from the surgery, she was pretty nauseated, but that passed within about half an hour. Once she could sit up okay, the nurse gave her a ride in the wheelchair out to the car.

I had planned to take her straight home, but she asked if we could please stop and get some ice cream we did. :) She is resting well at home now and has a fun day of movies, coloring, and quiet playing planned. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her!


Faith for Hope said...

Praying it works this time! Your ice cream looks yummy, Rachel. What flavor did you choose?? Hope you are feeling well enough so we can see you at church on Sunday. Hugs from your friend, "Mrs. Potman"
P.S. (to Becky) so do you think she'll change "my name" when she hears how it actually sounds?? Part of me hopes not.

Mom/Grandma Abbott said...

What a trooper! Love you, Rachel!!

Emily's Posts said...

Good job, Rachel!! Hope she feels better soon. Wow~ I can't believe she actually wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home!! Glad all went well.

mrs.pabody said...

What a brave girl - I can't wait to hear all about it at our sleepovers this weekend! Yay!