Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decorating for Christmas!

Decorating our home for Christmas is one of our favorite times in the year as a family. The kids love to look at each and every ornament as they place them on the tree. Then with each different home we've had over the years, it's fun to decide where to put everything we have in our storage bins. We rarely add new things, but it's fun to redecorate with "old stuff" (and cheaper too!). This is our last year with this fake tree in the's on its last legs. I'm rooting for a real tree next year! Enjoy the pictures!


The Broxton's said...

how exciting.!! christopher and i will be eventually putting a tree up. we did not have one last maybe we will just start a tradition for no tree?? i have never been good at decorating..i think chris likes it more then me ( guess i got that from my dad)! you have a REAL fireplace in your house??

Anonymous said...

So much fun! These are the times they will always remember! Sweet times.


I am truly blessed said...

How fun!! I love the first pic..Rachel is so precious in it :)