Wednesday, December 9, 2009

130 Days and Counting

With only 130(ish) days left until we meet our sweet baby, we enjoyed a 40 minute ultrasound today and watched him/her cartwheel all over the place. Just whenever the tech got that wand in the right place to do the measurements, the baby would roll right over or put a hand/foot in a strategic location. Perhaps our nickname for this unborn child should be "Booger"! The tech was extremely thorough, measuring the head and leg and arm bones. We watched the four chambers of the heart beating and even got to see some hiccups! Here are some pictures:


Anonymous said...

So absolutely amazing! I love watching my babies in the womb!! It is so miraculous what goes on, we truly are fearfully and wonderfully made!


The Broxton's said...

I enjoyed watching your children while your husband and you can go to the ultrasound and out for lunch!! Your children are SOOO well behaved!!

I love looking at ultrasound pictures =)

The baby is looking good!!! I can not wait till you "spill the beans"--even if I have to wait until after the baby is born!!! =P