Monday, August 17, 2009

A Visit to Nintendo

Recently we had the opportunity to visit Nintendo of America in Redmond. I'm not sure if the kids or Garth were more excited! We looked around the gift shop/customer service center that they have on site. The kids picked out their favorite t-shirt and Garth chose some Nintendo decals for the family room/game room. It was definitely a memorable experience!


Ben and April said...

Ben and Patrick would love to visit there too!! Looks like you had fun!!

Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

coool..!! i bet garth had more fun then the kids! LOL

it is amazing how fast the "little boy" can come out in a "grown man"

christopher is all ready wanting to buy "Obadiah" legos..I asked are they really for Obadiah or are they for daddy?!? LOL

Jenny said...

How neat! I didn't even know this place existed! We will have to go and check that out soon!