Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"A Place of Quiet Rest" by Dave Mincy

Garth's former band teacher from Guam is doing something incredible! He's offering his CD, "A Place of Quiet Rest" for FREE downloads through Friday. Dave is an incredible pianist and seeks to honor the Lord with his playing. This CD is composed of quiet, peaceful hymnplaying to help focus your thoughts on the Lord. You can download the entire CD for free through this Friday. We highly recommend it!

<a href="">Near to the Heart of God by Dave Mincy</a>


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I love soft piano music, and as I look forward to the soon coming of my little one, I think how wonderful that would be to labor to!!! I love to listen to soft music while I am in labor, it helps me to relax, and concentrate on what is happening!! It really helps to have a peaceful delivery, and my nurses and doctor enjoyed it too!! Thanks for the heads up!!


Julie said...

Got it! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

we love the music!!! we have listend to the cd probably 10 times. your friend has an amazing talent. God has truly blessed him. my mom is really excited she says that she wants to have this music in her delivery so it adds to her list of piano music that she collects. i love to listend to piano music also. so its a blessing to have a mother with the same likeness. my dad and Anna however think that my favorite cd sounds like a funeral. i think it very peaceful and soothing when i am stressed about something i pop it in. and pray.thank you.