Monday, May 25, 2009

First Summer Beach Trip

Saturday morning I continued my training for the half-marathon (walked 10 miles!) while Garth took the kids on their first beach trip this summer. The kids had a great time during low tide looking for shells, rocks, and crabs. No beach trip is complete for me without a feet picture!

Garth is loving his new camera. Here are a couple of pictures he shot at the beach as well.


Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

o i LOVE beaches/waterfronts, i can not wait till one it gets sunnier/warmer and two i have a car so i can GO to the beaches!! I LOVE the last picture!! it is SO pretty!!!

Jenny said...

Love the photos! Which beach were you at? We don't go to beaches often enough.

Tom and April said...

Good pics Garth! I love the one of the kids feet. And the pier.