Monday, April 20, 2009

One of Those Days

Oh has been one of those days today. It is laughable now, but we got to the point where we were wondering what else could go wrong! Here are just a few of the highlights from today.

1. We had a flat tire on the way from Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC. Garth changed it while I kept the kids on the grass on the side of the highway. I had memories of the COPS shows (that I watch way too many of!) where cars run off the highway and hit people on the side. We were thankful that a DOT truck came by and lended a hand.

2. Benjamin got his finger stuck in a small hole in the side of Rachel's carseat. We struggled with getting it out for 20 minutes and were pretty close to calling the fire department for some help. We used lotion and cold water (what we had in the car) to try to get it out. After we got it out, we had to stop and get an ice pack for his finger. It was very swollen and many different colors.

3. I pulled a muscle in my leg, trying to hold Rachel and get up from the ground at the same time. Hopefully it won't be too painful while walking around in the airport tomorrow!

4. Sarah has had a very upset stomach the last three days. The poor girl has hardly eaten anything and gets sick at the thought of food. We've made several quick bathroom stops for her!

5. We left Anderson this morning and figured we'd find breakfast on the way to Columbia (a 2 1/2 hour drive). Well...we didn't realize that we would be taking rural roads so we didn't get breakfast until 11 am. Not a big deal for some...but we were not happy people to be around without breakfast. ;-)

And to top it all off...I now have a migraine (no surprise!). We loved seeing many friends and family this week, but are definitely ready to be home in our own beds.


Janet said...

What a day! Hopefully you'll all be back to normal soon :-) We're looking forward to seeing you for a few minutes on Wednesday morning!

Anonymous said...

Oh! We have had some of those days!! lol(after) We miss you all! See you when you get home. :)

~Sheri B.

The 'Young' Broxton Family =D said...

o wow!!! I remember traveling across country with my family, days like that would always come about, it is especially hard when you are stuck in a car ALL day or for the whole trip!! I hope your days get better!! Miss and Love you!!!

Tom and April said...

OH wow. Eventful. I had an eventful day yesterday too. Anyhow Praying for safe flying for you all today. See you soon.

Jenny said...

Oh my!! What a day! I can't believe the part about Benjamin and his finger!! Ouch! That would have stressed me out. Is his finger better today? I also hope your leg feels better today!! So sad about not getting breakfast! I know how you guys are faithful breakfast eaters. I can't wait to hear about your vacation after you get back!!

Dan, Elizabeth & Jaden Duan said...

Wow...that sounds like a very eventful day! It sounds like you will need a few to recover! :)