Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Easter!

We are so thankful that it worked out for us to spend Easter with Garth's brother and his family over on the Jersey shore. The Sonrise service is at 6:15 while you all on the west coast are sleeping soundly we will be watching the sunrise and remembering Christ's resurrection! Happy Easter to you all!

This morning Benjamin had a multi-colored highlighter and wanted to draw. I gave him two pieces of paper and said that was all he could have to draw with for now. When he finished, he showed me his picture of Jesus dying on the cross and then of Jesus rising from the grave. What a blessing this was to a mommy's heart!


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to see what is in a child's heart! Love the pictures! Have a great trip!


The 'Young' Broxton Family =D said...

awwww...he draws way better then I did at that age!! My parents saved my drawings, I was just looking at them in my scrapbook!!