Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Urgent Request!

Okay, everybody!! My brother and sister-in-law have 17 more shirts they need to sell TODAY for their adoption efforts. If you can help, I am happy to pay the postage to mail you the shirts if you live out of this area. They are $20 for short-sleeved and $25 for long-sleeved. Pictures are posted below. Here's the designs and sizes they have left: Black Simply Love Long-Sleeved: Medium (2) Black Simply Love Short-Sleeved: Medium (3), Large (4) Blue Simply Love Short-Sleeved: Small (1), Medium (1) Gray Short-Sleeved World Design: Small (1), Medium (2) White Bulgaria Short-Sleeved: Medium (1), Large (1) Blue Bulgaria Short-Sleeved: Medium (1)

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Anonymous said...

These shirts are awesome! Anna and Sam wear theirs all the time. Hope they sell tons. What better thing to buy a shirt for than to bring home to little children home to a daddy and mommy that will love them so much! :-)