Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pledges for Piano Practice

Sarah is currently raising money for our local music teacher's association chapter. She is taking pledges this week and then will be practicing furiously next week. We wanted to put this on our blog in case anyone out there wants to help!

Here is a note that she wrote:
I'm working really hard trying to raise money for our Music Teacher's Association this week. I'm trying to collect pledges of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for each minute of piano practice that I do next week. If you would rather, you can make a one-time gift rather than a pledge per minute. Just so you know, I practice about 250 minutes in a normal week. Will you join me as I try to raise money for the association?

And here is a little further information regarding the project:

Thank you for your support of the 2012 MRC Practice-A-Thon. MRC teachers and students are making practice a priority during the week of March 4-10. Our mission is to strengthen our practice habits while supporting Mt. Rainier Chapter's High School Seniors in its efforts to raise money for the Senior Scholarship Fund. This fund is being used to aid students to continue their musical studies beyond high school. The pledge money that is collected will also help to fund the Muriel Carnes Tuition Grant Award, which provides temporary financial help for students so that their music studies might continue in times of needy circumstances.


Anonymous said...

We would like to send a check; who should we make it out to? Thanks,

Teresa Olsen

Garth and Becky said...

Just sent you an email, Teresa. Thank you!!