Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shop Amazon?

Are you a regular shopper or an occasional shopper on Amazon? I love using them for more and more things all the time. I signed up for an Associates account with them and now get a small referral fee if someone uses my link to purchase anything on Amazon. If you already shop there, would you do me a huge favor and just go to the site from my link above or on my sidebar? Don't worry...I have no idea who buys what...I just see the amount deposited into my account. The site still is the same for you. It just records that I'm the one that referred you to their site. This is just another little way that I found to earn a bit of money as a stay at home help me pay for little "wants". :) Thank you!!

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Walking With Christ said...

Ah, I had no clue you had this! I am going to use this from now on when I shop amazon! I absoutly LOVE amazon and always find cool things on there for REAL CHEAP! :D