Friday, February 11, 2011

Huggies Diapers: Amazon vs. Costco

Winner: AMAZON!

Item in question: Huggies Snug & Dry diapers, size 4

Costco pricing: 200 diapers on sale for $43.99 (comes out to $0.22 per diaper).
Buying at Costco means a trip to the store as well.

Amazon pricing: 140 diapers on sale for $23.51 (comes out to $0.17 per diaper).

Remember, to get this special pricing, sign up first for Amazon Mom. Then select the Subscribe & Save option on the diaper's product page. Two-day shipping is totally free as a member of Amazon Mom. (Please note that if you use my link to the diapers and end up purchasing them, I get a small percentage of that sale!)


cj and family said...

Pamper's diapers come out just a smidge cheaper ... FWIW. :o) $28.62 for 204 (size 3 ) diapers = $0.14 each. :o)

Mama Nuke said...

OH good to know thanks Becky! Hope you all are doing well. WE are cold here on the east coast!

Unknown said...

We've found the best deals to be at Rite Aid, combining sales and coupons. We've purchased 3 jumbo pack of diapers and got paid $3 for it. Most of the time though we get 3 jumbo packs for the price of one.
- The Salings

Anonymous said...

That is Costco's online price - in store it is cheaper, usually around $36/38, making Costco cheaper ... but w/ Amazon you can have them shipped, so paying a bit more w/ Amazon might be worth it.