Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Wipes: Amazon vs. Costco

I am a huge fan of Amazon (as most of you know). Did you know that they have a free program you can sign up for called Amazon Mom? This gives you free 2-day shipping on most things from their websites, not just baby items! I went shopping for baby wipes this afternoon and just want to share this deal as an example of why I prefer to shop on Amazon!

Pampers Soft Care Wipes (720 count): $17.93 (works out to be 2.5 cents per wipe)
However, sign up for Amazon Mom and use the Subscribe and Save option to save an additional 30%, making these wipes now $12.55 for the box (1.7 cents per wipe). These wipes are delivered straight to your door by your friendly UPS man...saving you time, gas money, effort of packing everyone into the car for a run to the store, etc.

Now, if you went to Costco and bought your baby wipes, you would pay $26.99 for a box of 1000 wipes (making them 2.7 cents per wipe). You also have spent time and gas money, may have succumbed to impulse purchases, possibly interrupted the baby's nap, and put unnecessary stress upon yourself! ;-)

Have I convinced you yet? I plan to do more comparisons in the future, showing you WHY I buy many things on Amazon and what deals I have found. If you already shop on Amazon regularly for certain items, please share what you buy there.


mrs.pabody said...

YES! I just started using this too, in December. What a great way to save $$! :)

Mama Nuke said...

WHat about diaper costs? Are they cheaper on amazon too? We shop book amazon ALL the time. WAY cheaper.

Tim and Cindy said...

We found out (after we signed up for it)that it doesn't apply to Alaska, so we canceled my Amazon Mom account. At least we can still get free super saver shipping though.