Friday, September 17, 2010

Benjamin's Shark Teeth

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that Benjamin's front two adult teeth on the bottom had grown in behind his baby teeth. A quick call to the dentist told us that we needed to get this checked out. We googled it, too, and found out that this "condition" is called shark teeth. This most definitely pleased our little 5-year-old boy!

At the dental visit the dentist took a couple x-rays and determined that the roots of his baby teeth had not dissolved at all, so it would be necessary to pull the baby teeth out. Then hopefully the adult teeth would decide to move forward on their own in due time.

Wednesday was the big day. We talked through the procedure with him so that he would know what to expect. Sarah has had a couple cavities filled before, so he was excited to show her that he could be as brave as she was with the needle (anesthetic). The dentist numbed his mouth with a paste and then inserted the anesthetic. Benjamin didn't blink an eye or flinch a bit! (I must admit he is braver than both his parents in this area.) Once his mouth was numb and he was talking funny, the dentist went to work and had both teeth out in less than 3 minutes.

Once his mouth woke up fully (a couple hours later), he was sore but enjoyed a milkshake and pudding for supper. He's back to eating like any normal kid now and we are hoping those adult teeth start moving forward! The dentist said his next two teeth on the bottom should start loosening really soon as well, so we're hopeful they cooperate.

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Oh wow~!! That's amazing!