Tuesday, April 6, 2010

38 Weeks...And Time to Guess!

My skinny friend, Cindee, and me are both due on April 18th. Here we are at 38 weeks!

Okay, it's time for everyone who's interested to enter your guesses about this baby! Here are our guesses:

Garth: birthday - 4/11
hair color - dark
eyes - green
skin tone - dark
8 1/2 pounds, 21" long

Becky: birthday - 4/16
hair color - bald
eyes - blue
skin tone - dark
9 pounds, 21 1/2" long

Sarah: birthday - 4/12
gender - boy
hair color - light brown
eyes - green
skin tone - light
8 pounds, 22" long

Benjamin: birthday - 4/17
gender - boy
hair color - blonde
eyes - brown
skin tone - light
7 1/2 pounds, 20" long


Rodney and Brooke said...

Brooke: birthday - 4/19
gender - girl
hair color - sandy blonde
eyes - blue
skin tone - light
8 1/2 pounds, 21" long

Garthea said...

Nana: Birthday - 4/15
gender - boy
hair color - brown
eyes - brown
skin tone - fair
weight - 8 lbs. 15 oz., 21 in.

(just like his dad!)

The Broxton's said...

cute picture!!
i will get back to you ;)
you were correct with obadiah-how funny!

joeandkris513 said...

Kristi: birthday - 4/12
gender - boy
hair color - light
eyes - blue
skin tone - light
9 pounds, 21" long

And...you look great! Praying for you.

The Casaus House said...

Ha Ha "skinny friend"! You and I carry so different! So we must be having opposites. :) I am thinking you're having a boy and I'm having a girl but we'll see! Hmmm....you're guess for me was boy so maybe that means you're having a girl....hmmm. You guys have done an awesome job at keeping it a "secret". I would have totally told everyone by now. :) I put my guess on FB. Can't wait to meet our little ones!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes:
birthday- 4/17
gender- boy
hair color- dark
eyes- gray
skin tone- dark
8lbs 12oz, 21"

can't wait to meet this little one!

~Emily Houston

Jon and Sarah said...

Sarah: birthday-4/16
gender: boy
hair color: brown
eyes: brown
skin tone: dark
weight: 8 lbs. 12 oz. 20 1/2" long

Tom and April said...

My guess was on FB. I can't even remember I just know I call a boy for you and a girl for Cindee...We will see very soon! YOu both look awesome. Can't wait to meet your lil ones. I do wish you were going to ladies retreat though!

Mcarthur Mile said...

Mary: birthday 4/16
gender- girl
hair color-dark
skin tone- dark
7lbs 8oz and 21" long

Elizabeth said...

Elizabeth: birthday - 4/14
hair color - dark
eyes - brown
skin tone - dark
9 pounds, 21 1/2" long

The Broxton's said...

hmmm...I better guess before your baby arrives. I had a feeling cindy was having a boy =) BUt, everyone carries differently so I am not going to say your carring a girl...everyone thought I was going to have a girl..well Obadiah is not a girl..lol

I think your going to have...hmm...a boy. I know I am wrong..so maybe I should say girl. lol.

dark hair (at birth) will loose hair and come back in blonde.
blue/green eyes (change)
lighter skin tone
8 lbs 10oz 23 1/2 inches long
I think baby will be born on..Tues April 13!


O I totally agree with cindy! You guys are doing an awsome job at keeping this a secret..I am not sure I could do this..!! I can not crack you! LOL!

Guam Homshers said...

So I gather from this post and the other comments that the gender of this precious gift is unknown?? Wow! I did not realize that!

I'm voting for April 18 - my birthday! But for your sake, Beck, I hope you "go" sooner! ;-)