Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Girl We Call Munch

From the time she was only a few weeks old, she has earned her nickname "Munch" many times. She has her daddy's sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. To her, as long as she has her brother's approval, that is all that is needed (no matter what the consequences from her mom or dad may be). She truly is a delight to our hearts...though we seem to be right in the midst of the "terrible twos" right now.

In these pictures she decided to use the diaper rash cream to treat her baby's doll bottom. And to clean it up, she had to use half a package of wipes. In the five minutes it's taken me to right this blog post, she has "cleaned" the dining room table with the dishcloth and is now currently working on scrubbing the inside and outside of the sliding glass door with the same rag. Life's never dull around here, for sure!


Amanda said...

Love that girl! She is so cute!

Anonymous said...

She is such a sweet girl!! Gotta love the memories she is building!!!


sara's art house said...

CUTE pictures! Sounds like she keeps you on your toes :)

The Broxton's said...

she is such a cutie!