Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the Footsteps of Paul

As the title suggests, this book is a pictorial trip through all the major regions covered by the Apostle Paul’s New Testament journeys. Photographed by Ken Duncan, author and photographer of Where Jesus Walked and The Passion, it boasts stunning photographs of absolutely breathtaking subject matter. Many of the pages have Scripture passages that refer to the specific area in which the picture was taken as well. The divisions of the book, appropriately entitled The Making of a Man, The Mission of a Man and The Destiny of a Man, clearly categories Paul’s life and work during his journeys.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will most definitely keep it for future reference. Not only is it inspirational to be able to tie visual detail to many of the familiar stories surrounding Paul’s life, but the quality of the photography is wonderful and serves as a different form of inspiration to someone, such as myself, who is pursuing that passion as well. It is not often that I take time to note the foreword of a book, but the one written here by John MacArthur is a beautiful introduction the treasury contained in this book. While a few of the pictures seemed a bit out of place, all in all the pictures – laced with appropriate Scripture passages – serve as a vivid medium to help understand and better visualize the very steps Paul may have taken during his journeys. I would definitely recommend this book highly to anyone.

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